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Spiegel Grove

Spiegel Grove: The Spiegel Grove measures 510 feet from stern to bow. A massive ship that was used by the Navy as a transport vessel.  She was intentionally sunk in June 2002 to create an artificial reef.  Tons of cool swim throughs that our guides will safely navigate you through.
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SS Benwood

The Benwood is a 360 foot Norwegian merchant freighter that was sunk during the early years of World War II. The vessel was sailing blacked out to avoid German U-Boats in the area during one night early April of 1942. The vessel collided with the Robert C. Tuttle which was also blacked out. The Benwood began to collapse upon itself…
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The Bibb

The sister ship to the Duane, the Bibb lies in 130 ft of water.  Unlike the Upright Duane, she lies on her side.  So the dive is 105 ft or deeper.  Located very close to her sister, and being that she is on her side, the Bibb is passed over most of the time to…
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The Duane

The Duane is 300ft Coast Guard cutter.  She was intentionally sunk in 1985 as part of the artificial reef program.  She lies upright in 125 feet of water.  You hit the radar tower at 60 ft and the deck around 100.  She is a must do dive in the Keys.  But due to her depth…
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The Eagle

Built in Holland in 1962, the Eagle is 269 feet in length. The freighter was intentionally sunk in December of 1985 and can be found at 70-110 feet. Hurricane Georges split her hull in two back in 1998. The wreck is popular among both divers and fish. Tarpon, goliath groupers, schools of grunts, and jacks…
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