Dive Site Category: Reefs

Snapper Ledge

Snapper Ledge (15-30 ft.): A long ledge comprised of various sites. Turtles, rays, and (obviously) substantial schools of snapper. Great site for a little bit of everything.  
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Pickle’s Reef

 Pickle’s Reef (10-25 ft.): Ideal for macro photographers because of the many small critters. Very pretty reef that includes cement barrels from a civil war wreck.  
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Molasses Reef

Molasses Reef (15 – 35 ft.):The best known and most popular site in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Noted for lots of fish, many star coral heads, regal stands of Elkhorn coral, The “Winch Hole,” and a Galleon anchor.  
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French Reef

French Reef (30 – 80 ft.):  Known for its varying structure including multiple swim-throughs. Large coral heads play host to large pelagic fish.
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Conch Reef

Conch Reef (50-110 ft.): The home of a number of sites. Conch Wall is noted for huge barrel sponges and large marine life.
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Shark Awareness Dive

Once a week or by request we do our shark awareness dive.  This dive is to educate about and experience sharks.  Here in the Keys its mostly nurse sharks, but occasionally bulls, reefs or hammers will come in.  Shallow patch reef in 25 ft of water.  Be ready to hang with a bunch of nurses!
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