Florida Keys Dive Sites

  • The Duane

    The Duane

    The Duane is 300ft Coast Guard cutter.  She was intentionally sunk in 1985 as part of the artificial reef program.…

  • The Fingers

    The Fingers

    If you look at your hand this is what this site looks like.  It has a large reef area with…

  • Runway


    Runway has a large sand channel running the entire length of the site.  From above it looks like a runway.…

  • Bully


    This site gets it name after the bull shark.  Its on one of our walls and seems to be a…

  • Victory Reef

    Victory Reef

    As pretty of a wall that the Keys has to offer.  This spur and groove reef starts at 40 feet…

  • Ham


    Ham is another little patch reef that is absolutely full of life.  You will see grunts and goat fish by…

  • Captain Grumpy

    Captain Grumpy

    A nice patch reef that is known for its nurse sharks.  The surrounding topography is grass offering a very good…

  • Davis Reef

    Davis Reef

    Resource managers made this reef, in 15-30 feet, a sanctuary preservation area in order to ensure the protection of its…

  • Crocker Wall:

    Crocker Wall:

    Located on the south end of Crocker Reef (30-60 feet), the wall sports spur and groove formation with mounding coral…

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